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FAQs About UAE Visa Services

varied visa types, periods of stay, and supplemental services will result in varied entrance fees to the UAE. Contact Visa by Makto for a quote personalized to your specific requirements.
Visa processing periods in the UAE may vary depending on the kind of visa and the immigration office's current caseload. It might take a few days to a number of weeks. Visa by Makto keeps you informed of the progress of your application and ensures that it is completed as promptly and effectively as possible.
Citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may apply for visas via either official government channels or approved third-party service providers such as Visa by Makto. We will apply for your visa on your behalf, saving you the effort and time.
The UAE is currently issuing visas to people who meet the requirements. It is, nevertheless, essential to be informed of any changes in travel regulations. Visa by Makto tracks the status of visa approvals and ensures that your application is processed in accordance with the current laws.